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Esterhazy K3 Project

The K3 Project, located in Esterhazy, Saskatchewan, is next door to our existing K1 and K2 sites. K3 is the third mine to be built in Esterhazy. In June, 2021, underground mining operations at K1 and K2 shifted over to K3. An overland conveyance system carries K3 ore to the existing K1 and K2 mills. As development continues at K3, underground operations will incrementally shift to the new, state-of-the-art mine.


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About K3

With a headframe rising 375 feet above the land of living skies, to a shaft sinking 3,350 feet below, the new K3 mine signifies the future of potash for the area and our company. The $3 billion-dollar project is nearing its final phases with the full transition planned by early-2022.

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The project, which kicked off in 2009, has brought significant capital investment and contract work to the area as the first new underground shaft to be sunk in the Province. In 2011, shaft sinking began and continued into 2017 when the potash ore body was reached. Surface infrastructure and underground preparations continue to be completed alongside our global contracted partners.

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The K3 project signifies our commitment to the long-term sustainability of our operations, Esterhazy, the Province, and the vision we have for our future North America Business.

Learn more about the next 50 years in Esterhazy (video).

Watch the K3 Shaft Sinking.

K3 Project News

Mobile Technology_Esterhazy

NextGEN: Our Innovation Journey: Enabling Employees Through Deployment of Mobile Technology  

August 11, 2021
Image: Tony Sparvier, Sr. Engineer, saves electrical drawings and wiring diagrams for the automated hardware installer to his iPad for easy reference when working underground at Esterhazy’s K3
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Shifting our Focus to the Future of Esterhazy

Shifting our Focus to the Future of Esterhazy

July 28, 2021
In early June, the Esterhazy transition timeline shifted due to brine inflow conditions underground at K1 and K2. We immediately suspended underground mining at K1 and K2 and began actively
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Esterhazy K1 Mine Site

Esterhazy Transition Timing Update

June 4, 2021
This morning we announced that our Esterhazy transition timeline is shifting due to brine inflow conditions underground at K1 and K2.  Recently, inflow volumes have risen faster than our models
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