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Our Innovation Journey: Using Technology to Improve Water Use & Management

March 25, 2021
Machine learning models at our Belle Plaine facility allow us to predict water use in the potash crystallization process – helping us find new ways to maximize production while reducing our use
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Water Week_SK

Mosaic Marks World Water Day with $1.7 Million in Water Funding and Campaign Aimed at Reaching Bold Operational Water Reduction Target

March 22, 2021
Water is an essential input to produce crop nutrients and flows across the full agriculture value chain. It is a critical resource for society, including the communities and ecosystems where
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International Women's Day

Room to Grow: Mosaic provides opportunities for women in the unlikeliest of places

March 8, 2021
Mosaic Reclamation Ecologist, Ashlee Harrison says her upbringing on a ranch helped prepare her for the work she does managing land before, during and after mining. An interest in math led Master
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Innovation Series 2 - Esterhazy Automated Miner

NextGEN: Remote Operations & Automation – Bridging the Distance

March 5, 2021
Our phosphate mining operations cover hundreds of acres, and we mine potash a mile underground. “Next generation” technology is helping us virtually bridge those distances with new remote
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