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International Women's Day

Room to Grow: Mosaic provides opportunities for women in the unlikeliest of places

March 8, 2021
Mosaic Reclamation Ecologist, Ashlee Harrison says her upbringing on a ranch helped prepare her for the work she does managing land before, during and after mining. An interest in math led Master
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Innovation Series 2 - Esterhazy Automated Miner

NextGEN: Remote Operations & Automation – Bridging the Distance

March 5, 2021
Our phosphate mining operations cover hundreds of acres, and we mine potash a mile underground. “Next generation” technology is helping us virtually bridge those distances with new remote
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Innovation Series - Story 1

NextGEN: The Future of Condition-Based Monitoring

February 18, 2021
"When the ‘Change Engine Oil’ light comes in our car, we know what to do. And we know we need to do it soon unless we want to see the ‘Check Engine’ light come on telling us we have a
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Innovation Series - Intro

Our Innovation Journey

February 16, 2021
Much has changed since 1962 when Saskatchewan celebrated the first potash-producing underground mine. We continue to transform our business – finding new, innovative ways to mine and manufacture
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