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A Decade of Investment in the Health of Our Communities

May 4, 2022

Last week Mosaic’s GM of Esterhazy & Colonsay Dustin Maksymchuk kicked off the GX94 Fox FM Airwaves for Health RadioThon in East Central Saskatchewan with the announcement of Mosaic’s renewed commitment to local healthcare services and improvements.  

Mosaic is proud to invest $55,000 in the Health Foundation of East Central Saskatchewan. This investment will go towards the upgrading and training of critical equipment, such as a new anesthetic machine, a new ECG machine for the ER, and finally completing the work on the Digital Microscopy. The investment will also contribute to expansion of the ICU at the Yorkton Regional Hospital.  

“We have had a great partnership with Mosaic over the last decade, and we certainly appreciate the continued support”, said Ross Fisher, Executive Director of The Health Foundation. 

Over the past 10 years, Mosaic has committed more than $300,000 directly to the Health Foundation of East Central Saskatchewan, helping to fund equipment and improve services to the communities in Yorkton, Esterhazy, and surrounding areas. 

The Health Foundation of East Central Saskatchewan is a non-profit organization which seeks to fill gaps in healthcare services under the advisory of the Saskatchewan Health Authority. It relies on its donors to help purchase equipment and expand healthcare services in East Central Saskatchewan, particularly the equipment and services which fall outside of the necessities covered by the Government of Saskatchewan.  

This year, donors of the GX94 Fox FM Airwaves for Health RadioThon raised $204,832 in support of The Health Foundation of East Central Saskatchewan. 

“The pandemic has caused us to pivot and fill in resources that the government had redirected due to Covid-19. This year we are hoping to get back to purchasing specialized equipment and enhancing services in our communities. We appreciate the support and partnership we have had with Mosaic over the last decade, as we rely heavily on donations from members and organizations in our communities,” said Fisher. 

Mosaic cares about the communities where we operate, and we’re committed to supporting organizations where our employees live, work, and raise their families. In 2021, we invested $1.6 million in healthcare in Saskatchewan. Over the past 10 years we have invested more than $22 million in support of equipment upgrades, new builds, research, and patient care, all to ensure that Saskatchewan residents are afforded exceptional care in our communities.