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Esterhazy is home to our flagship potash site and mines one of the best ore deposits in the world. Two sites, K1 and K2 (named after the element symbol for potassium ‘K’) have supplied potash to global customers for decades. Currently, a third mine is being built, sensibly named K3.

Underground mining operations at K1 and K2 ended in June, 2021. An overland conveyance system carries K3 ore to the existing K1 and K2 mills. As development continues at K3, operations will incrementally shift to the new, state-of-the-art mine.


Leadership Team

Located in the South East corner of Saskatchewan, approximately 1,200 people work below or above ground to deliver millions of tonnes of potash to our global customers. As one of our low-cost-producers, Esterhazy is a key potash asset for the company.

Our Food Story

Automation and technology is a driving force in Esterhazy.  Our talented workforce is looking to the future and finding ways to increase safety, efficiency and connection across our immense operating footprint-- building a ‘digital mine’ to power us into the future.

Esterhazy processes its potash into a variety of products including Ag White, Crystal, Granular and Standard MOP (muriate of potash) products.  Our performance product, Aspire® is also part of their portfolio.