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Esterhazy K3: A Quick Look Back

April 14, 2022

After more than 12 years, close to 13 million workhours and billions of dollars in capital investment – Esterhazy K3 is nearly complete. Take a quick look back at how the vision for K3 became a reality.

In 2009, Mosaic embarked on our Esterhazy K3 project – a $3 billion-dollar investment in the long-term sustainability of our operations, Esterhazy and the vision we have for the future of our North America Business. More than 12 years and almost 13 million workhours later, the K3 project is nearly complete. The project timeline was accelerated to help offset impacts of the final closure of the K1 and K2 shafts in June 2021.

Esterhazy’s K3 is Saskatchewan’s first new underground potash mine in over a half-century. Potash ore mined 3,350 feet below the surface is hoisted up two shafts – North and South – using equipment in over 330-foot-tall headframes that can be seen spanning the horizon from miles away. Overland conveyor systems then carry K3 ore to the existing K1 and K2 mills for processing.

As of the end of March 2022, there are nine mining machines cutting underground at K3 that can provide up to 50,000 ore tons per day – with a new daily record of 62,000 tons being set on January 23. Another mining machine is nearing production, and three more mining machines and more underground conveyors will be added over the next couple of years.

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