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Building Partnerships: Meet Rhonda Hicks - Mosaic's Indigenous Engagement Specialist

April 10, 2024

Rhonda Hicks is Mosaic's Indigenous Engagement Specialist, a unique role that is essential for helping to build partnerships between Mosaic and the First Nations and Metis communities near our operations. She joined the company to support engagement with Indigenous communities, procurement, hiring and community investment. She also participates in career fairs, pow wows, council meetings and community events, to build relationships on behalf of Mosaic. 

“The position seemed like a great fit for me, and it really is,” Rhonda said. “I get to engage in a fulsome way with communities and people that I know, while also representing Mosaic who I’ve always respected.” 

Rhonda Hicks representing Mosaic at the Indigenous Business Gathering in Saskatoon in March 2024. 

Mosaic's Indigenous Engagement Strategy calls for 15% of its total community investment dollars, procurement spend and new hires to be with Indigenous peoples by 2025. Rhonda's expertise and dedication are vital in making steady progress in achieving these targets. 

Mosaic’s Indigenous Engagement in 2023 included: 

  • 23% community investment spend with Indigenous organizations or with organizations supporting Indigenous peoples. 
  • 22% of new company hires are Indigenous peoples. 
  • 11.5% of our procurement investments with Indigenous-owned businesses. 

"In First Nation communities, relationships are built on trust, respect and communication," Rhonda said. "I don't have to understand everything about that First Nation, but when I respect their chief and when I talk to members of the communities, whether they’re a business owner or an employee with Mosaic, I have a level of understanding about who they are." 

Rhonda's journey to her current role comes with diverse experiences, including owning a restaurant and working in the banking and the healthcare sectors -- where she met her partner, Billy, on Cowessess First Nation. The pair bought a restaurant at Round Lake, Saskatchewan, and operated it until 2019. 

Rhonda Hicks and her partner Billy at An Evening in Greece fundraiser event for the Hospitals of Regina Foundation in March 2024. 

"The Indigenous Engagement Specialist role appealed to me because I knew it would include some interactions with people I already know," Rhonda said. "I know the Esterhazy area, the people, the First Nations, and how Mosaic engages with those communities to focus on hiring local talent, businesses and supporting community organizations." As the Indigenous Engagement Specialist, Rhonda aims to be a beacon of support for Indigenous individuals within Mosaic, addressing barriers and facilitating their career growth.  Rhonda works in Mosaic's Regina office and spends time at Mosaic's Esterhazy, Belle Plaine and Colonsay sites.  

"I want to interact with the communities and their traditions in a more fulsome way," Rhonda said. "For years of owning a restaurant, I saw every side of some people, like their social and community sides. I gained a positive desire to be more involved with First Nation communities, and now I can be." 

Rhonda enjoys working in the Esterhazy area as it connects her deeply to her ancestral heritage. When Rhonda was 7, she and her sister were orphaned and ultimately raised by their Irish grandparents. Although she spent most of her childhood in Regina, her family's heritage connects her to the Kahkewistahaw First Nation, where she is a registered member. Rhonda says this role brings her closer to her Indigenous culture.  

"I missed out on having a traditional First Nation upbringing," Rhonda said. "Being in around the communities where I come from is how I developed my knowledge, my understanding and how I learned about my history, and I’m excited that my role with Mosaic will continue that journey.” 

Rhonda is a mother of four and loves being involved in her community. She is on the local Navy Sea Cadets board and the chair of the Grenfell High School's student council; she loves to cook, entertain, travel, and spend time with her rabbit, Basil. 

Rhonda Hicks golfing with Tom Cochrane who partnered with Rhonda and his friend at a golf course, by surprise.