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Mosaic Announces 2023 EHS Process Excellence Award Recipients

May 1, 2024

Celebrating Excellence in Risk Reduction 

At Mosaic, our commitment to risk reduction is a cornerstone of our operations. Through the Risk Reduction program, our employees actively contribute to creating a safer workplace and advancing our Sustainability Targets. Acting responsibly is not just a strategic priority; it’s ingrained in our organizational culture. 

In 2023, our dedicated employees completed 299 risk reduction projects, adding to the impressive 4,350 projects accomplished since 2019. Today, we highlight three impactful projects from 2023 that align with our goal of achieving zero incidents. 

Esterhazy - K3 Headframe Drawbridge 

Esterhazy’s K3 has twin shafts that sink more than 3,000 feet – each covered by headframes that rise more than 300 feet above ground. The north shaft is used to move ore to the surface and transport people and equipment. The south shaft is used solely to move ore to the surface. To maintain the integrity of the Blair ropes, located in the north shaft and which carry personnel to and from underground operations, employees needed to grease and inspect them every three months. That required working over the shaft opening to access the ropes.  

The Esterhazy team’s innovative solution was to install a drawbridge that is electrically lowered by a tugger/winch system and covers the shaft area opening allowing access to the Blair ropes. In addition, electrical interlocks were added to the Blair system to prevent the cage from contacting the drawbridge when it is in the lowered position.  

Project Highlights: 

  • Reduced the requirement for all arrest around the shaft  
  • Eliminated the requirement for fall arrest while performing work with the ropes  
  • Reduced time to grease and perform electromagnetic testing on the ropes 
  • And meets Saskatchewan Mines Regulation 9-7 – Shaft Obstructions