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Mosaic at the Table: The Cause that Binds Us

September 9, 2020

Across North America, September is deemed Hunger Action Month.  

At Mosaic, we observe this special themed-month in honor of the organizations and those they serve in the communities we call home, who take action against hunger every – single – day.  

Mosaic’s global footprint is expansive – our North America Business includes Florida, Louisiana, New Mexico, Peru and Saskatchewan (Canada). While the geography and weather may differ, one universal narrative in all these locations is the need for healthy food to feed hungry bellies.  

Mosaic’s Senior Vice President – North America, Bruce Bodine has deep respect for Mosaic’s partner organizations who tirelessly work to provide everything from school lunches and emergency food access to fresh-grown community vegetables and healthy food education.

Bodine has lived and worked in Florida and Saskatchewan communities, and as a senior Mosaic leader, understands how our partners are ready to fill the next plate or backpack. “When I get an opportunity to meet the leaders and volunteers who power local food agencies and programs, I’m tremendously moved by their enduring commitment to keep fighting hunger – from Regina to Tampa – they are all intensely focused on taking care of those who need a hand-up.”

Mosaic uplifts over 136 food security organizations with roughly $1.7 million (USD) on an annual basis within our new North America business.

While the numbers are striking – the lasting partnerships and rippling effects every sandwich, freshly pulled bucket of carrots from a community food farm or a youth cooking class can do for even one individual is what moves Mosaic to act.   

“Alone, we can’t solve hunger – neither can any one partner; but together, we are hopeful that we can influence the trajectory of a child or family through our partnerships,” adds Bodine.

For Mosaic, providing the dollars needed to staff these organizations, purchase food supplies and deliver programming is just the beginning of our food security story.  

Mosaic is the world’s largest integrated producer of potash and phosphate products, mostly used in fertilizer to nourish growing crops resulting in increased yields and improved soil health. From corn and wheat to soybeans and rice, our crop nutrition products are ensuring farmers can meet the needs of an ever-growing population to put food on the global table.   

At the end of global food supply chain, likely some of the food being shared with those in need comes from farmer’s fields that we supply with crop nutrients – or that are provided to animals that add protein to the meal.  

“Mosaic’s role in global food security starts in our mining and manufacturing facilities yet spans to all the key agricultural regions of the world. We believe so firmly in the role we can play, we have set a measurable 2025 sustainability target to promote our performance products as part of an effort to increase crop yields that will intensify productivity of agriculture lands – therefore improving overall food security and farmer prosperity,” says Bruce Bodine.  

We will continue to honor Hunger Action Month through September by sharing stories that highlight incredible ‘hunger heroes’ in local communities and demonstrate our commitment to lasting and palpable hunger action.