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Innovation Series - Intro

Our Innovation Journey

February 16, 2021

Much has changed since 1962 when Saskatchewan celebrated the first potash-producing underground mine. We continue to transform our business – finding new, innovative ways to mine and manufacture crop nutrients that help feed our families and others around the world. Building on the expertise of our people, we are using “next generation” technology to find new, innovative ways to manage risk, minimize our impacts and maximize the value we deliver to our customers, teams, investors and others who count on us to safely, responsibly and competitively produce crop nutrients that help the world grow the food it needs.

“NextGEN” is the label we are using for that technology, and we are already seeing how it can help transform our business. Our Esterhazy K3 Project signifies the future of potash for Saskatchewan and Mosaic with industry-leading automation, process controls and analytics. We are making impressive NextGEN progress in other areas of the business as well.

Esterhazy K3 is a multi-billion-dollar, industry-leading project that includes the first new production shaft in Saskatchewan in more than 50 years.

Most importantly, we are investing in our team. We believe in growing our business by growing our people – investing in new opportunities to build the expertise of our team and recruiting talent to ensure we have a workforce with the skills we need to succeed.

Our journey continues, and we are cultivating a culture that supports change and embodies the innovative, results-driven energy of our collaborative workforce. Together, we are shaping the future of our business.

Up next – read more about our NextGEN progress in a series of “Innovation Journey” features that will be shared here over the coming months.