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Supporting Our Communities

Supporting Communities Where We Live and Work: Employee Volunteer Alysia Ness

February 24, 2021
When Alysia Ness, Mosaic’s Land and Minerals Coordinator – North America, first signed up to volunteer with the Red Cross Friendly Phone Program, she had no idea it would lead to a lifelong
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Innovation Series - Story 1

NextGEN: The Future of Condition-Based Monitoring

February 18, 2021
"When the ‘Change Engine Oil’ light comes in our car, we know what to do. And we know we need to do it soon unless we want to see the ‘Check Engine’ light come on telling us we have a
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Innovation Series - Intro

Our Innovation Journey

February 16, 2021
Much has changed since 1962 when Saskatchewan celebrated the first potash-producing underground mine. We continue to transform our business – finding new, innovative ways to mine and manufacture
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Meet the Sustainability Team

Meet the Sustainability Leads Who are Driving Progress Towards our 2025 ESG Performance Targets

February 11, 2021
To help the world grow the food it needs, we extract natural resources – potash ore and phosphate rock – from the earth. As one of the world's leading producers and marketers of these crop
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